Weather-proof SA & SAR actuators with SIL controls

AUMA India SA/SAR actuator with SIL capability are specifically designed for the functional safety with safety integrity level upto - SIL 3 suitable for highest safety requirements in accordance with IEC 61508:2010 standard.

The actuators come with advanced control technology, world-calss quality for meeting the stringent SIL specification. The actuators are equipped with an absolute encoder for the accurate direct measurement of limit & torque and an additional SIL module specially designed for the execution of the safety functions along with additional limit switches. In case of an emergency at the plant and when requesting a safety function, the standard logic of actuator controls is by-passed and the safety function is performed via the SIL module. Consequently, the safety function always overrules standard operation. 


Actuators SA3 – SA100 for Open-close duty with SIL controls are rated for short-time duty S2 - 15 min. 


Actuators SAR3 – SAR100 with SIL controls are designed for modulating or regulating duty S4 - 25%. 


Auma India SA/SAR actuators with SIL controls are certified by TUV Nord for use in safety systems with following suitable safety functions in case of emergency:

  • Safe STOP
  • Safe end position feedback