Combination multi-turn actuators SA ... with trunion mounting TM linear unit

AUMA offers customized actuation solution for dampers, chutes, gates, diverters or flap applications, based on thrust and stroke length requirement. AUMA trunion mounted actuators provide linear travel. An attachment to the actuator converts output torque of multi-turn actuator into an axial thrust.

AUMA has standardized the actuator trunion mounting arrangement for certain stroke lengths for SA(R)3 to SA(R)30 actuators.

  • Details

    • Design features

      • Standardized TM for stroke up to 1400 mm (SA(R)3 / SA(R)30)
      • Customised stroke lengths can be provided based on requirement
      • Hand wheel for manual operation
    • Ambient conditions

      • High enclosure protection
      • High quality corrosion protection
      • Wide ambient temperature ranges
    • Interfaces

      • Electrical connection via AUMA plug & socket connector or terminals
      • Output drive types according to ISO 5210 and DIN 3210 standard
      • Cable glands in different versions:
        • Standard : Metric
        • Optional : BSC, NPT