Adapting to on-site installation

  • Handwheel special variants: Chain

    • Chain wheel arrangement for actuators installed at inaccessible zones.


  • Side Handwheel Arrangement

    • Using a side mounted handwheel instead of the standard handwheel can further reduce manual effort on the handwheel. This is accomplished by using a TBG (Top Bevel Gear set) at the input of the actuator.
    • Reduction ratios available are:
      SA3-SA15 2:1
      SA25-SA60 3:1
      SA100 4:1
  • Wall mountable controls

    • Protects actuator electronics from severe environmental conditions
    • Easy accessibility of the epac controls for the operators in difficult to reach positions i.e., when valves with actuators is in pit head or elevation etc.
    • Protection against induced vibration in valves and actuator controls in case of severe vibrations in pipeline
    • Prevents exposure of actuator controls against high temperature
    • Normally, maximum distance between actuator and wall mountable epac unit is 100 m
  • Parking frame

    • Weather-proof version
    • Safe storage of unplugged electrical connections
    • Protection against direct contact
    • Protection against environmental impacts
    • Fieldbus connection remains unchanged