Doing Our Bit for the Society

We, AUMA India Private Limited, values the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and takes initiative  to contribute to the sustainable development of the society and environment.


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CSR Policy:


Company is committed to conducting its business in socially, environmentally and ethically responsible manner and contributes to the society and environment in which it operates, to be able to contribute to social welfare directly or indirectly, financially assist people at large to improve their life or condition.

Focus Areas

Assist in providing education and healthcare to underprivileged children and specific emphasis on girl child.


To promote healthcare by building capacities of hospitals for treatment of patients.


Old Age Homes: 
To provide support to old age homes for senior citizens.


Disaster Relief:
To support the needy who are affected by th natural calamities.


Environmental Sustainability:
To support for conservation of natural resources and protect global eco-systems to support health an well-being.

Implementation and Action Plan

Auma will work with non-profit organizations who have good track record in fulfilling the objectives set and in transparent manner. Implementation organizations undertaking CSR activities are required to be registered as per the Companies Act, 2013 and obtain Unique CSR Registration Number.


The proposal received for supporting various causes to be evaluated and prioritized based on the CSR objectives set. The proposals will be reviewed by the CSR Committee and approve the proposals for implementation.


Implementation of proposals will be reviewed by the CSR committee and provide guidance on further action plans in achieving the CSR objectives.

The Composition of the CSR Committee:

  • Dr. Joerg Hoffmann, Chairman
  • Mr. Arvind K. Goel, Managing Director
  • Mr. Ferdinand Dirnhofer, Director